When we are taken away from what is familiar, we seem to feel lost. If we are told we can’t eat and drink the things we are use to, it can give us a feeling of uncertainty. In choosing a healthier, plant based diet, I don’t want anyone to frantically think they have no more options. Many times people will ask “Then what can I eat?” – almost in a Panic. I encourage You to immediately switch that thought into “What can I eat in order to live life more vibrantly, abundantly, and healthy.” “What can I eat in order to help my body work in a more synergistic way where it only needs its own beautiful system to repair, reverse, and maintain optimum health.”

You have come to the right place to take care of yourself and I will do it with you.

Services I Provide:

•One on One Skype/ FaceTime coaching

•Grocery store visits to learn where products are.

•Weekly check ins and support

•Positive affirmations we are going in the right direction.

•Cooking classes

❤ Please contact me for more details and to customize a plan directed towards your immediate needs ❤