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Zero Waste Travel Box

Invest in yourself & your future with the Zero Waste Travel Box NOW!

Hi friends! It has been a moment. If you followI me on Instagram you may have noticed some really huge life changing events taking place for me currently. I like to see change as an opportunity for growth. Feeling uncomfortable also brings growth. With growth we expand our minds and can share more of our beauty with the world, so bring on the uncomfortable and changing moments of life!

I am launching my second travel box this month and I am super excited about this one. My first box offered some travel essentials to keep you healthy and nourished on the road. This new box helps you stay eco friendly on the road. I have added items such as reusable utensils, reusable containers, and even a reusable napkin. I just want to bring you awareness with ease and hopefully help you make more conscious choices in life.

Why did I create this box? I want you to get a little taste of how you can be better to the environment with a few great products. Then, if you agree with the box, you will have a better idea of which companies are supporting the movement and where you can get more products from. This will also raise more awareness in your own life. Like a domino effect, those around you will notice what you’re doing and perhaps try to be more eco friendly as well! As you know, I like to build relationships with the companies I purchase from to make sure their passion is align with the greater good and not just to take our money with greed. So i did my research in speaking with some of the brands as to why they do what they do and I wanted to support them. We live in a day and age where there is so much waste. We waste food, resources, water, etc. We also live in an age full of harmful plastic, toxins, and pollutants. There is a Zero Waste and sustainable movement where people are trying to be more aware and conscious of what they are consuming and what their products are packaged in. By being more conscious of our waste and garbage we are helping our Mother Earth thrive longer and it helps cut down the effects of global warming.

I take these travel items with me everywhere so that I can use them at any moment. You can keep the items in your car, your purse or backpack, or just remember to grab what you need as you’re leaving your house for the day. When you go out to eat start becoming more conscious about togo boxes, cups, and utensils establishments use. Many companies have hopped on the movement and are using compostable items (they biodegrade back into the Earth) but some have not. Feel free to request that they make a change or maybe even as why they are still using plastics. With every comment they’ll get that much closer to making a change within their company.

Easy ways to reduce your impact are: *Bamboo Cutlery *Reusable straw *Reusable Napkin *Reusable Tupperware *Reusable mug/jar/cup *Compostable utensils or Tupperware *Stop eating Animals *Eat more whole foods

Here is a little description of each item you will find in my box:

*Sustainable Duo Bamboo Utensils: First of all, The Sustainable Duo is couple goals to the max!! They are these two courageous, compassionate, and kind individuals who travel around speaking on different stages and at different conscious festivals to raise awareness on going Zero Waste and how YOU can make an impact in the right direction of Mother Earth’s wellbeing. I feel so honored to be connected with them because they REALLY CARE and those are the only people I truly want to surround myself with and build up. They are passionate about saving the environment and creating consciousness by educating us on their platform as well as bringing us this wonderful Bamboo Togo Cutlery. I keep my utensils on me at all times. You can hit them up for more learning and other products to support the #ZeroWasted movement ! @sustainable_duo who are @carly_bergman & @the_sustainable_ceo

*Lunch Skins- Paper Sandwich Bags: This company is making paper snack & sandwich bags as well as reusable and washable snack & sandwich bags. It is important that the bags are reusable because then we do not have all the plastic bag waste going on. It is one less bag we have to worry about in our environment that could get stuck in a landfill or in the ocean. Plastic can leach harmful chemicals into our food and then when we eat the food we receive the toxins internally, NOT cool… You can check out all their different options of large and small bags, they have many to choose from and pretty cute designs as well. @lunchskins

*Eco Zoi- Steel reusable container: This is a WOMAN owned company with a mission to create more eco friendly lifestyles. They also plant trees with each purchase! These Steel snack containers are great because you don’t have to worry about the BPAs from plastic leaching into your food! I have also noticed it keeps your food colder a little longer. They are great to pack your lunch and snacks in or take them to a restaurant knowing you may be taking leftovers! You’re getting one of the containers, they have so many more options on their website! @ecozoi

*Simple Ecology- Produce Bags: What an awesome company with a mission to contribute to a healthier environment. They have many different items that you can use to eliminate single use plastic. There are two different bags included in my box, the muslin and mesh bags are great for produce storage in the fridge and pantry. They come with a little manual on how to use them in the box as well. What really stood out to me about the company is that they use quality natural and organic materials and they are sustainable! I also really have enjoyed being in contact with them and getting to talk about their companies mission! They are located in Northern California and totally have that kind vibe. Don’t forget to check out their other products and get more of these ones once you have used them and like them! @simple_ecology

*Reusable Napkin: Isn’t it cool that now we can make almost anything zero waste and eco friendly! You can say goodbye to single use paper napkins and wash these ones which is pretty cool for me. The napkins are handmade from 100% Organic cotton. They are also free of harmful chemicals or pesticides within the fibers. I truly appreciate conscious companies doing their best to create awareness and bring us products to make it easier to be eco friendly.

*Halfway To Zero Digital Download Zero Waste Tips, Tricks, and Tracker: This is a download with daily tips on new things you can try towards going Zero waste and more eco-friendly. Frustrated trying to sift through the immense amount of (mis) information on reducing household waste, owner and CEO, Alyssa Martin, decided to combine her passion for research, connections with industry insiders, and need to leave a better planet for her children to create Halfway to Zero. This company aims to make Zero Waste accessible, inclusive, and easy! Ease into eco-living with their sustainable, ethical, and planet-friendly products and service. @halfwaytozero

*Coconut Bowl-*Coconut Bowls or Bohemian Bowls: You can grab more from Coconut Bowls or Bohemian Bowls. Both companies are really amazing and trying to bring more offerings to the world. The coconut bowls are made from coconuts and no harmful chemical wash or paint is used in the process of making them. Not only does this give us a purpose to use old coconuts but I personally think they look waaaaayyyy cooler than just a white ceramic bowl or something… @bohemianbowls OR @coconutbowls

*Glass Mason Jar: You can buy a case of these at most grocery and department stores or you can even reuse your glass jars from your grocery products. I have so many repurposed jars that I actually think I could probably get rid of some at this point… But non the less, this makes it easy to reuse or use and perhaps leave at a friends and not worry about it.

I am so excited to bring you this Zero Waste Travel Box. I have been researching and trying to put this together for a couple months and am so happy with how it turned out. Please let me know if you have any questions and if you would like to order one message me. Thank you for supporting my journey and mission to bring you the best i can while trying to make this world great. Stay blessed friends, XOXO.

Invest in yourself & your future with the Zero Waste Travel Box NOW!


My healthy Travel Box



The Superfood Goddess travel box 

It’s here!! 🙌🏼🤸🏼‍♀️⭐️ the Superfood Goddess’ travel box. I often am asked by many of you. What are some of the things I travel with??…

When I travel I always like to be prepared! Time and time again have I shown up somewhere and had to go straight to an event or work, without having proper time to refresh or fuel up. Or many times I’ve gone to a city that doesn’t have as many, or any, healthy options for my to choose from to stay healthy… Or sometimes sh*t happens and flights are delayed, etc. Having snacks and a few different items with me assures that I have something in my back pocket. I wanted to share with you a few things that I travel with on a regular basis.

Navitas Focus powder: 

When I am away, I often feel a little ungrounded and out of sorts with time changes and being in a new space. This powder helps me get focused with a nice sustained energy. I trust Navitas, I have been using them for over 10 years now. They have quality Superfood products, they’re organic, and they are always staying up with the “trends.” I would even say they start some of them… I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the team at Navitas and they’re super passionate about the company and they’re super friendly. They have many amazing products and I use, A LOT of them, but I thought this one would be a nice addition to my box, instead of grabbing for an acidic morning coffee..

Navitas Organics Website



GingerX: This is my friends company and I am so proud fo her!! Nothing makes me happier than supporting my boss ladies and start ups doing good in the world. This company has created a shelf stable ginger shot! Oh my! I mean this is a dream for me. Numerous times have I searched for a juice bar in a little city and it was either way to far or non existent. Also, you’re not always sure it’s going to be organic. This is a Female ran business. Stacy is super sweet and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and becoming friends. She just wants to help spread health and make it easier for us on the go.

GingerX Website


Ultima Replenisher Hydration packets:

I know when I’m out and about on the go, I am not staying as hydrated as when I am at home and have water and hydrating foods abundantly available to me. also, being in higher elevation and extreme weather effects your hydration. It’s so important to keep our cells hydrated, it keeps our mind strong & flourishing and our body functioning properly. These packets are so easy to take with and they don’t have any added sugar or weird chemicals! I 100% trust this brand and what they’re doing, I take them everywhere with me!

Ultima Replenisher Website


Go Raw Protein Bar:

This is a great snack for the plane or in between the airport to hotel, or just at some point during your trip. This is another company I have been following and using for over 10 years now. I trust their ingredients. They are raw (fully loaded with nutrients), refined sugar free, gluten free and vegan. The protein comes from watermelon seeds, YES I SAID WATERMELON SEEDS!, and a little pea protein. They have four flavors and I have to say the chocolate or Lemon are my favorites!!

Go Raw Website


Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is something that helps with immunity, balances your PH, and can lead to weight loss. I know it can have a very strong taste but diluting an Oz in a small cup of water helps it go down. I swear by it and always bring a few travel size bottles with me on the road to stay healthy.

I like Braggs Apple Cinder Vinegar


NingXia Nitro energy shot: I was introduced to these light yet mighty shots back in January. They give a clean, energy that is subtle yet sustained. You can grab for this instead of coffee and you’ll skip the jitters, crash, and acidity from coffee. It has B vitamins, green tea extract, Yerba mate oil, and wolf berry seed oil.

Young Living website












SunWarrior Protein powder: SunWarrior has been the Superfood, protein and vitamin/mineral warrior for some time now! It feels like they’ve been in the game since ancient times. All their products are created with such intuitive structure, only to fuel your health and overall wellbeing. I trusted them 11 years ago and I trust them even more today. They are constantly doing whatever they can to bring a euphoric health jolt to you and the world. Their products are clean, straight to the point, and you’ll never find harmful chemicals in their items!

Sun Warrior website


Magic MudToothpaste: Oral health is just as important as what we are putting into our bodies! Toothpaste can linger in our saliva and be swallowed and also absorbed into our body just through being inside our mouth. It’s just as important to brush with clean ingredients and this is something I know everyone uses on the road. This company is family owned and passionate about bringing oral health to the world!! It started with a mother who wanted to help her daughter have great oral health. I had the pleasure of meeting the family behind the brand and They are super sweet.



Magic Mud website


Renae Music (free music & meditation download): I am beyond excited to introduce you to my friend Renae!! She is a soul sister that has a light that will touch your soul. Her music is such a wonderful addition to ANYONES day. It’s inspiring, thoughtful, deep, and uplifting. I listen to her while I get ready or when I need support and inspiration. I thought it would be so cool to be able to share her love and light with all of you by offering 2 free music & meditation downloads. It can get lonely on the road, why not have good vibes filling your room or earbuds?! I feel so blessed to have her in my life, I think you will too. Check her out on Instagram as well: @renaemusic

Renae Music Website


Amazing Grass Greens: Greens are super important to keep our bodies alkaline. Being alkaline helps our bodies combat and battle toxins, chemicals, and free radicals that we encounter on the daily. Being acidic or being unbalanced in our PH creates a perfect environment for disease. I always try to eat greens or at least find a juice bar where I can access a green juice to fill and detox my body. Sometimes, you get to a city where there is nowhere healthy in sight or perhaps the place that is “healthy” seems sketchy. Packing green powders Incase is super important!

Amazing Grass


Dr. McDougall’s Superfood hot cereal: If you didn’t know, Dr. McDougall, MD is one of the founding fathers of natural wellness. He has a nationally renowned McDougall program which is what inspired the birth of this brand. They wanted to bring healthy and organic foods from his program to your plate and make it as easy as possible. It is really important to them to make sure we know where our organic food is coming from as well as working on the highest sustainability practices. So by eating their food you are supporting a more conscious way of growing food and being nice to our environment and your belly of course.

Dr Mcdougall’s Website



There is nothing more that I love than being able to recommend healthy products that I 100% recommend!! Please email me at or go to my instagram: @thesuperfoodgoddess and DM me for further details.

Xoxo, Stephie